5 Quotes from Femi Kuti that Will Surprise You

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In a new interview with Zinnia of HFTV Africa, iconic singer Femi Kuti bared his mind about music, his father’s legacy, the path he marked for himself away from his father’s, his failed marriage to Funke Kuti, and having to make a name for himself.

Recall that in his 2011 interview with Encomium, Kuti had this to say about filing for divorce from then-wife, Funke.

“I am divorcing her to protect my side of my inheritance, because I have five children. I have to protect the interest of my children. Since we are still legally married, what if I die today? The law will favour my wife.

If I don’t divorce her, my children may suffer. What if I die and we have not divorced and then she comes and claims everything? The other children will not get anything and there will be a big war in my family. I will be dead and my ghost will be saying don’t fight, but they wouldn’t hear what I am saying. We know it happens.

My lawyer advised me to think of the future so I quickly regulate my will so no one can disturb my children. You know it happens in our country, when you have children from different women, there’s bound to be stress.

So I have to do my will and to do that requires a divorce.”

And so in this interview, the singer shed a little more light on his marriage to Funke, explaining that he chooses to lead a sincere lifestyle, one without pretences. But then he shocked us with his sort of ‘open marriage’ to Funke, which many people may find strange.

So, here are some of the interesting quotes from the interview;

On his lifestyle:

I believe simplicity is the spice of life. Already, I am doing a lot of ghen-ghen on stage, but my character is about being a quiet man.

On his father’s politically-themed songs:

At a point, my father’s voice was the only high voice in this country, and he paid a very high price for it.

On how the impact he is making compared with his father’s legacy:

I could never be Fela Anikulapo Kuti . It is not possible for there to be two Felas. My father already made a credible impact. Mine will be cooler

If he will marry many wives like his father did:

I like women but I don’t have wives.

On his marriage to Funke:

When I was getting married, my wife knew I would not be faithful

And he said more. Click the video and watch him as he dished on life secrets:

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Source: HFTV


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