Gun Threat Stops Miss Anambra Sex Scandal Press Briefing

Gun Threat Stops Miss Anambra Sex Scandal Press Briefing
Gun Threat Stops Miss Anambra Sex Scandal Press Briefing

Gun Threat Stops Miss Anambra Sex Scandal Press Briefing

The recent sex scandal involving the former Miss Anambra, Chidinma Okeke, has opened up conversations on how Nigerian Beauty Pageants are run.

The beleaguered former beauty queen has sworn to expose the moneyed men behind her recent travails, but the unknown masterminds reportedly have refused to let the truth see the light of day.

According to Punch, Ms Okeke’s scheduled press briefing yesterday at the secretariat of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, Anambra State council in Awka, was disrupted after journalists were warned that gunmen were headed to the venue. The former beauty queen had planned to name top politicians and government officials and spill all the dirty details behind the organisation handling the beauty pageant.

The journalists fled.

Life has no duplicate,” a journalist told Punch.

Not longer after, Chidinma Okeke reportedly took to her Facebook page to notify followers.

The moment I made public this intention to speak with journalists, I have been under threats by my blackmailers and traducers,” she began. “They are seriously threatening to shoot me at the press conference if I ever open my mouth to say the real truth about the ugly episode.

Adding, “Since I have no protection, and if I die now, the truth will be buried forever, it’s my intention to save not just myself but other girls and other upcoming pageant by letting the world know the truth and what we go through.”

Speaking with the press, Ms Okeke’s counsel, Ikenna Obidiegwu, said that his attempts to get the former beauty queen security from the Anambra State Police Commissioner, Mr. Sam Okaula, all failed.

The commissioner said the notice was too short, and that he could not mobilise police security for the queen immediately,” Obidiegwu said, adding that Ms Okeke’s blackmailers are ‘powerful people in the state’; they intend to expose them all at the appropriate time.

This is not the first time beauty queens have alleged that their organisations have sexually harassed and pimped them out to moneyed men and politicians.


Grace Okoro Adaeze

This May, the organisers of Miss Nollywood Culture and Tourism dethroned their queen Grace Okoro Adaeze on grounds that she was rude and arrogant.

But Adaeze released a statement, narrating the ordeal she and other contestants were allegedly put through, how the chief organiser harassed her for sex, demanded for their personal money and attempted to pimp them out.

Adaeze claimed that the organiser of the pageant urged them to “go out and sell our bodies for money and that the organization has nothing to give us and that he has given us a platform for us to sell our selves.”

The organisation denied the allegations.

In January of this year, the 2015 Queen of Trust International winner, Cynthia Vincent Ugbah, resigned and dished on how the organisers pimped them out for sex.


Cynthia Ugbah

Ugbah also revealed the money bags she was asked to sleep with, including a top PDP chieftain in Rivers State.

I bluntly refused,” the former queen stated in a long note that set social media aflame.

The organisers denied the accusations, but Ugbah’s bold letter had spurred former queens associated with the pageant to confirm how they are pimped out to the society’s rich.

None of these cases have been investigated by the police; the cases are quickly swept into the bin after they have blown over.

But will Chidinma Okeke’s travails mark the turning point on how Nigerian beauty pageants are run?


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