Reasons why Nigerian artistes are not members of Illuminati


Nigerian fans are in love with speculating about the Illuminati.

The Illuminati, the occult worshipper, the one who brings disaster and evil in the world who worships the horned god, this and more are just a few of the definitions of what the Illuminati is.
It has originated since the start of the civilization and many studies claims that it has managed to include its loyal members in the different powerful aspects of society. At present time, one of the most influential sectors of the society, the music industry is believed to be proliferated with Illuminati followers. Claims of using this industry in influencing people in worshipping the devil god are not stopping and several significant names in the industry has already been named as an Illuminati member.

A country with deep religious influences, Nigerians believe that there are dark, powerful institutions of influence that the average person will never see nor take part. History has shown that there are these types of entities floating above the general public constantly — and their machinations usually have much to do with what transpires around the world.

But believing that such an organization would recruit Nigerian celebrities into the fold just because of their pop culture influence is unrealistic.

Nonetheless, names like the late Dagrin, M.I Abaga, Psquare, Olamide and others have been tossed around consistently whenever the subject of the world’s most powerful secret society is brought up. But that begs the question — how does a Nigerian artiste gain induction into the Illuminati? And once you’re in — is it for life?
Charly Boy play

We Nigerians are renowned for dabbling into the occultic spiritual, and utilizing it to influence the physical. Voodoo, Juju, Jazz, Babalawo, and many other names are used to describe the practices of the providers of the service.

Nigerian artistes, if they need supernatural aid to provide wealth, fame, career advancement and influence would have an abundance of suppliers and magical providers. Just flip through the commercials of City People Magazine, you would have enough Mama Asaba, Guru Danshiki, Eternal Temple of Life, to supply you.

We as a people are patriotic when it comes to the voodoo department, hence we patronize Nigerian jazz to grow the Naira. Illuminati is foreign, and might not work ion Africa.

Nigerians are a terrified people. With Boko Haram campaigning in the North, Militants from the South, and the general thieves, robbers and many other potential channels of harm, people live in perpetual fear and distrust. Also, we have diseases, poor medical healthcare, auto crashes, and many other mishaps to keep our hearts in our mouths. Life expectancy in this county is 52 years, and many want it to be longer.

Nigerian artistes would be too scared of the Illuminati. No celebrity would want to join knowing that it has the option of ending your life. No one wants to be part of a body capable of reducing their lifespan. We would hustle and blow. If we don’t blow we will look for bank work, or become a welding apprentice. Illuminati gerrarahere men shii….
No African Branch of Illuminati

Historically, Illuminati was founded on May 1, 1776. Initially, the group comprised a group of five members who were free- thinkers, an offshoot of the Freemasons. In the context of what is known today, this group is believed to mastermind and control the world through the governments and celebrities in order to establish what it refers to as a “New World Order”. These people are supremacists wanting to dominate the world, and the black continent. They won’t be inviting Africans to the table. They want to dominate Africa, not partner with African acts.

If there is the remotest possibility that the Illuminati exist, the only African branch would the one for monitoring, not recruiting.
Not Enough Influence

When was the last time you ever bought a product or interacted with a brand because of it aligned with a celebrity?

Nigerian stars might supply all of Africa’s entertainment, but very rarely do they influence individual personal decisions. Nigerians are independent folks, who live life they way they want it. When Illuminati signs up a person, it is for the utility of that person’s influence to promote their interests. Nigerians artistes don’t have that level of influence.

A huge percentage of Nigerian stars are Christian. Christianity speaks against aligning oneself with foreign bodies, with God being the only allowed source of strength, salvation and divine succor.

Whatever the Illuminati offers, Christians are of the belief that accepting it would constitue a great sin, which would rub God off the wrong way and condemn them to suffering in the afterlife. Also, there’s the pervading belief that via faith, God’s providence can double, triple and quadruple any offer or benefit from the Illuminati.

A typical Nigerian Christian would cast and bind, rather than talk to the Illuminati.


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