Senate President Lawan Urges Strengthened Partnership Between Nigeria, U.S

Senate President Lawan Urges Strengthened Partnership Between Nigeria, U.S

Senate President Lawan Urges Strengthened Partnership Between Nigeria, U.S

The president of the Senate, Ahmad Lawan, has called for a strengthened partnership between Nigeria and the United States in all sectors, especially in the fight against insurgency in the North-east.

Mr Lawan made the call on Thursday in Abuja during the 243rd Independence Anniversary of the U.S. organised by its embassy in Abuja.

Independence Day celebrated on July 4 is a federal holiday in the United States which commemorates the declaration of independence of the United States on July 4, 1776.

The Continental Congress then declared that the 13 American colonies were no longer subject to Britain and were then united, free, and independent states.

The Congress had voted to declare independence two days earlier, on July 2, but it was not declared until July 4

On July 4, 1776, the United States of America proclaimed its independence from England by signing the Declaration of Independence.

Mr Lawan, talking about the partnership between both nations, said, “The U.S. provides assistance to Nigeria and gives the right leadership”.

He, however, said that there were several areas for both countries to build on their collaborations and partnerships, adding that Nigerians should learn from the successes of the United States post 243 years of independence.

The lawmaker urged Nigerians to learn to live together in spite of their differences, ethnicity and religion, just like the U.S.

The lawmaker noted that Nigeria is a great country with all the potentials to be among the greatest in the world, stating that the diversity of the country is supposed to be the nation’s source of strength.

“How the Americans were able to live for 243 years, using their power of diversity, every part of Nigeria has something to contribute to national development.

“Nigerians, both within the country outside, are people of determination, very patriotic and loyal.

“I pray and hope that those of us in leadership positions will continue to give the right leadership; we should bring our people together.

“We should ensure that this country remains united and focused, and that rule of law prevails.”


Speaking with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) Abba Moro representing Benue South Senatorial District, also called for a strengthened partnership between both countries in all aspects of nation-building.

Mr Moro said Nigeria was facing serious challenges of insurgency and terrorism at the moment, which the American government has and would further need to help Nigeria to tackle.

“America and Nigeria have had a wonderful level of relationship, of course, there are challenges here and there, but I think that the two countries have a lot to mutually benefit.

“Nigeria is facing one of the greatest challenges of insurgency and terrorism at the moment, and I believe that the partnership between both countries will go a long way in ameliorating the current situation of insurgency.

“The Nigerian Government and the US should be able to go into some level of a strategic partnership to help the people of Nigeria to overcome the problem of insecurity in the country.

“I believe that in international relations, Nigeria will need a big country like the U.S,” Moro said.

He said that the Nigerian had a lot to learn from America, which was celebrating its 243rd independence, especially as the country’s government was structured after that of America.

Mr Morro called on Nigerians to remain peaceful, united and focused in other to build a great nation.

Speaking also, the permanent secretary ministry of foreign affairs, Mustapha Suleiman, said ”America remains a strategic partner to Nigeria in all ramifications”.

Mr Suleiman said the U.S. supported Nigeria during and after elections and ”the kind gesture is appreciated”.

The US ambassador to Nigeria, Stuart Symington, said America would remain committed ”to the profound partnership with Nigeria as efforts are made to build a shared peaceful and prosperous future”.

He said citizens of both countries ”demonstrate daily their commitment to families and countries”.

“Nigeria is an idea. It took 500 tribes and put them in one place, by the grace of God, bound them as a nation. This is no easy task,” he said.

“We in the US have longed for this peace since 1812,” he said.


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