Three Nigerian Artistes Grammy Winner Jennifer Hudson Works With

Jennifer Hudson

Hold your pearls folks! Not what you are thinking!

So,we all know, Jhud and her vocal dexterity is arguably incomparable in the American music scene, I mean…. do I need to start explaining how she powerfully yet easily she places her vocal prowess on even the mightiest of beats? Mama knows how to sing, no doubt about that.

Jhud is a powerhouse of talent and her kind of talent is eminent in three Nigerian singers which we will be listing below.



  1. Omawumi: Come on now guys, am sure this name was expected. Omawumi, is known for her strong ability to attain the highest of vocal pitches even on songs she decides on ditching her chesty voice. Without an issue or much work, Omawumi in virtually all her songs, delivers impeccable vocal renditions. Listen to ‘Play by Play‘ featuring the amiable Angelique Kogjo and ‘Megbele’, Omawonder, once again proved to all her fans and critics that she can with her voice attain the lowest and highest range with little or no strain to her voice. Her voice is rich in tone and has a remarkable weight to it.


  1. Waje: Again, am certain her name was expected. Waje! Waje!! Waje!!!, I listen to her songs, and am immediately made to remember Jennifer Hudson and even Fantasia. Mama’s voice is gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood. Waje, due to her years of singing has shown beyond doubt that she has great control of her voice which enables her sing beautifully in all extremities. Listen to ‘Omini Knowest, Oko mi, Left for good and No be you’ mama brought it!


  1. Immaculate: Finally one name many of you were not expecting. I first got hooked opn her voice when she appeared on music reality TV show, ‘Project Fame’ and watched her ‘Murder’ most of her performances. Now this is another artiste, who has huge control of her voice and has both timbre and tone in her voice. Immaculate, who can effortlessly deliver a song with a chesty or throat vocal range, is one artiste that after so many hours, days, weeks and months of listening and watching her performances, there is absolutely no doubt that she brings it anytime she lets the vocal chords loose. Listen and watch ‘Vulindela and Stay with me’ featuring Oyinkanade.

These ladies know and understand their voices, reasons for their stress free slaying renditions of whatever song they decide on singing to entertain fans.

Let us know other artistes you feel know their thang!

Written by: Tope Delano


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