I Will Listen To Friends And Foes Alike – Sanwo Olu

I Will Listen To Friends And Foes Alike – Sanwo Olu

I Will Listen To Friends And Foes Alike – Sanwo Olu

The governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, at his inauguration on Wednesday promised to listen to friends and critics and ensure his government is inclusive of all.

He said this while delivering his maiden speech as the governor of Lagos State.

“While one cannot help but hear the kind words of friends, I must pay even closer attention to the voice of my critics. In constructive criticism lies the seeds of improvement. ”

“I am too focused on moving Lagos forward to give a second thought to where a person may have come from. As long as you are animated by the spirit of achievement, cooperation and tolerance, then you are a Lagosian. This is my motto. ”

“I shall select the best and most qualified people to hold positions in the government. My door shall remain open to all. I shall seek advice of the learned, the wise and ordinary Lagosian, for in the common man resides much wisdom and fairness of thought. ”

He also said his government is for the rich and poor alike.

“On this day, I speak to young and old, Christian and Muslim, those who trace their earliest ancestry back to this land and those who came last week. I speak to the poor and to the rich. I speak to the danfo driver as much as to the millionaire, to the fruit vendor as much as to the real estate titan. I speak to employer and employee, teacher and student, mother and father. The civil service as well as the private sector – We are all Lagosians.”

“I say to you all, let us explore how we can best establish a harmony of interests and avoid the growing tendency to focus on those things that differentiate and divide one Lagosian from another.”

He also promised to follow the developmental blueprint of the state.

“We owe a large debt of gratitude to Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and to Babatunde Fashola.

“Asiwaju led the team that created the blueprint for development; both their administrations faithfully executed that economic blueprint and built the structures and institutions of progressive governance in the process. This indeed set the ground for future progress. ”

“Governor Akinwunmi Ambode pushed forward in his special manner. His efforts and actions shall be duly remembered. ”

“I have been a part of this progressive journey since its inception. I know first-hand the concerted efforts that went into planning so many of the innovations we now see and enjoy. It will be my job to continue that process by refining and perfecting the foundation laid by the preceding administrations. ”

“I shall never deviate from that which best serves the people of Lagos in our journey for progressive governance and economic development.”

He also outlined the basic focus of his government as Traffic management and Transportation, Health and Environment, Education and Technology, Making Lagos a 21st century economy, Entertainment and Tourism, and Security and Governance.

“These six pillars of development represent our commitment to the yearnings of the people. They constitute the foundations that must be restored for future generations.

“And should we fulfil our promise and deliver on these pillars of development, we are most confident that we will succeed in setting Lagos on a new trajectory of economic growth and development that would be unprecedented in our entire history.”

He urged Lagosians to fearlessly go on the journey for a greater Lagos with his administration and make the success a collective one.


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