Heavy Downpour in Your Area? No Worries! 9 Things to Do on A Rainy Day

Heavy Downpour in Your Area? No Worries! 9 Things to Do on Rainy Day
Heavy Downpour in Your Area? No Worries! 9 Things to Do on Rainy Day

Heavy Downpour in Your Area? No Worries! 9 Things to Do on Rainy Day

Unless you are in a Rom-Com where you get to chase after your beloved and share a kiss in the rain, a rainy day can be pretty boring and dreary. A number of Nigerians sing songs like “Rain Rain go away, come again another day…” or even engage in prayers against the rain and it actually works. Alas, Mother nature is always adamant when it comes to Lagos. When it rains, it pours…and the rain sometimes lasts for days!

Sure, there is the poor drainage system, and the sub-standard roads which, sometimes, make it rather difficult to navigate the city in the rain; but even with such an eclectic range of things to see and do within the city, you can still fill your days with fun and excitement.
Here are top 9 suggestions of what to do in Lagos when the rain comes down heavy:

Call in sick…and stay in bed
Don’t act like you haven’t called in sick for lesser reasons. Morning rain has a way of making you feel extra lazy, and life is too short not to listen to your body. If it says to stay in bed and sleep…you must obey! You really do not want to go into the office on a gloomy morning, neither are you in the mood to do any kind of mentally tasking work. Staying in your PJs all day, or reclining on the sofa while snuggling multiple beddings is the way to go. If you think about it, you wouldn’t really be lying… that feeling of laziness is actually you being work-sick.

Visit a Spa
Perhaps you are on leave, or you just happen to have the time on your hands on a rainy day and you want to escape the dreary weather. A good move would be to visit one of the luxurious spas around the city for full-body pampering. If you are lodged in a hotel like Eko Hotels & Suites, Four Points Sheraton or The Wheatbaker, you may not even need to go spa scouting as they have spa services on site. Enjoy a pampering session alone, or make it even more fun and enjoy side-by-side massages or his-and-hers pedicures with bae.

Savor a fancy, long meal
A good way to kill time indoors when it’s raining is by indulging in in a several-course menu at a nice restaurant. A number of the fancy dining spots in the city, especially those on the Island and Ikoyi, offer this kind of menu, and although some even require reservations in advance, there are quite a few that accept walk-ins. Fancy spots like Tarragon, Nok by Alara e.t.c offer testing menus. While some other regular restaurants offer 5-course to 6-courselike.For instance, Delta Pot has a fusion 5-course meal you may want to try.

Nollywood and chill like a pro
Yes, you read it right. Nollywood, not Netflix. There are so many good Nollywood shows now: ‘Battle ground’ on African Magic, ‘On the Real’ on Ebony TV e.t.c Rather than pay to access Netflix, you can tune to the available channels on DSTV. Rainy days are not so great for internet TV options in Lagos, as most of the internet service providers get affected by weather.

Go shopping at any of the Lagos malls
If you love shopping, rainy days provide a perfect opportunity to make the most of the day, and the best place to do shop till the rain stops is any of the Lagos malls. Some of the most popular include The Ikeja City Mall, The Palms, Festival Mall and Mega Plaza. Alongside an array of items to buy, they provide a haven of food, film, and culture. They are ideal for shelter on a rainy day in Lagos.

Get a fix of culture
Rather than just sit in one spot and count sheep until the rain disappears, you may want to explore new ideas, learn about Nigerian cultures, natural history, art, music and even fashion. You can also view ancient and contemporary artwork. There are quite a number of museums, galleries, cultural and art centers in Lagos and no matter how boring these places sound, you are bound to be fascinated by one of them. Visiting them is a good way to spend a rainy day as you definitely gain more knowledge.

Cook something new / Hot and spicy
It is raining, the weather is gloomy and everywhere is wet and cold. Chances are you want to warm up your insides with a tongue-tingling dish like goat meat pepper soup or spicy cow foot. Rather than dress up and head out to a bukka or ordering in, you may want to cook it yourself. If you have never cooked the meal before it would be a whole new experience but if not, you would be indulging your taste palates in the fanciest way. You may decide to just take the rainy day to learn new recipes too that may not necessarily be spicy. For instance, you could decide to finally bake something or try making your own version of the chicken biryani.

Take a Gym Class
It’s raining, everywhere is cold and slow. A good way to steam up your body is by taking a visit to one of the many gyms or fitness centers in the city. If you are the fitness-conscious type, this will be a lot of fun for you… but if not and you do not want anything hectic, you can opt for a Zumba dance class, a yoga session or visit a cycling studio. A rainy day is a good opportunity to sweat out all the stress in Lagos.

Hang out in a cozy bar or lounge
5 pm, it’s still raining, it’s pouring, your entire day has been utterly boring but you are off work now you are not in the mood to battle Lagos traffic under the rain. What better way to spice things up than to hole up in a cozy pub and wait for the traffic to subside? A few shots of whiskey or alcohol cocktails will be in order. Of course, if you would be driving yourself home, later on, you want to watch the amount of liquor you take. Don’t drink and drive.

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