The good in the BadGuyToba, feeds over 5000 children in Lagos

On account of his widely known moniker, BadGuyToba, many are yet to believe that he has no good intention for people, because he is a jolly-good fellow, nay appearance, livelihood, dispositions and play-like attitude whenever he appears in public, but to crown it all he is by every reason an entertainer par excellence.

Dynamic and diversified BadGuyToba, whose real names are Abiodun Osibodu, is one of the major forces promoting Afrobeats and other African songs in the United Kingdom, where he is based and operates his entertainment business. He is a leading brand that acts as human resource in ensuring the success of Afrobeats in the world today.

BadGuyToba, as he is equally variously fondly called among his large fan base, may not be given to what many think about him, because he has a sterling profile trailing him, though he has an unending passion for going to public places to create persistent awareness for the citizenry. Each time he goes out and he sees a place that impresses him, he films the atmosphere and sends it viral for many to experience. This, he has been doing at his leisure, without any recourse to him.


In the course of this innate passion for filming public events and circumstances, it has eroded in him more charitable gestures across all divides, which had already been in his consciousness long before his filming habit came into the fore.

Even his magnanimity goes beyond entertainment and showbiz in general, he finds solace in the lives of people living in the society most especially the underprivileged kids and school children as he exhibited this part of him to dole out goodies on many occasions  to support them.

Through his non-governmental organization, TheBadGuyToba Foundation (TBGT), he has channeled his energy and focus to taking care of the needy children. He recently set up a movement which was tagged ‘Feed A Child’campaign, with the aim of feeding 5000 kidsand the less privileged people, notably in the many abounding slums of the society.

The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention; he quoted when asked about what motivates his charitable gesture; ‘you don’t know pain and suffering, till you experience it, in the view of my regular filming the public property, I have experienced and witnessed so many things about life, nature and people living in the society, life is not equal, some are poor and some rich, but those who are underprivileged need someone to support them, government can’t do it all;. My intention is to support school children who are going to and fro school; with packaged food items, so most of them can get something to fall back on when they get home.


BadGuyToba has a passionate craving for children to cater for them in many areas of their needs, said ‘the Foundation is just the starting point of trying to help and mentor children. To make them be the best they can be. You know one of the problems we have in our system today is that the children of nowadays are not being well-mentored and their values are not intact or positively harnessed.

‘At different times, I have thought one of the thing I could do to give back them, help them to shape their value system and encourage them to be the very best they can be. It is something I personally and genuinely identify with, especially at the level of growing up children in their areas of specific abilities’ he said.


BadGuyToba remains one of the favorite entertainment promoters in the Diaspora, and has worked with top musicians from Africa and organized different gigs in the UK. He is the founder of Africa Unplugged Ltd, the parent company of The African Pride Awards, Therapy Entertainment LTD, Springbreak London, Afrobeat in Marbella festival, Afrobeat in Dubai festival, Distrurbing Africa Ltd, Tungba App, King Kong PR, to name a few, and he is even planning to float more outfits to groundswell in the entertainment world.



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