Americans Criticise President Trump For Attacking Major Media Outlets

Americans Criticise President Trump For Attacking Major Media Outlets

Americans Criticise President Trump For Attacking Major Media Outlets

President Donald Trump’s near-daily affront on American media outlets and specific journalists who run them has become an enduring feature of his administration.

Consequently, many Americans are also relentless in their pushbacks of the president for seeking a destruction of an institution enshrined in the Constitution as one of the major fabrics of the American society.

Mr Trump’s deep-seated contempt for the American media predated his exploration for presidency — and was aggravated by his elevation to the highest office. He spends a good chunk of his presidential time attacking the media, especially The New York Times, The Washington Post and other major outlets, claiming they are biased, pro-opposition and therefore ‘fake news.’

From the Russian election interference controversy to allegations of sexual escapades with adult porn stars, Mr Trump has blamed virtually every misfortune he suffered since assuming office in January 2017 on the media, setting his supporters against them in return. It is no longer uncommon for journalists to be viciously attacked online and physically in the United States.

On Saturday, as impeachment inquiry against the president worsens over claims he attempted to use Ukraine authorities to go after the family of Joe Biden, an opposition figure and potential challenger in 2020, Mr Trump posted a tweet attacking The Washington Post and The New York Times.

He accused the media of being “fixed” and “corrupt”, as he maintained that his telephone call with the Ukrainian president asking for corruption investigation of Mr Biden’s son, Hunter, was “appropriate”.

As usual, a torrent of insults followed the president’s comments from his fellow Americans, many of which lectured the president on the constitutionality and the role of the media.

Your “the media is the enemy” trope is so worn and tired. The weakness of narcissists is that they have a limited playbook and just keep repeating the same old tired plays.

— shellbellinhell (@shelleyfallon) October 5, 2019

Your campaign manager is a felon.

Your deputy campaign manager is a felon.

Your NSA is a felon.

Your foreign policy advisor is a felon.

Your longtime personal lawyer is a felon.

You’re a liar, crook, racist, and admitted sex offender surrounded by grifters and scum.

— MatthewDicks (@MatthewDicks) October 5, 2019

News isn’t fake just because it’s critical of you. Alternative facts are not real unless supported by evidence. Trump’s war isn’t with the MSM, it’s with the facts. Donald Trump and Fox News are the fake news you seek. Entertainment programming for ratings and advertisers

— ♻️🇺🇸 Christopher Zullo (@ChrisJZullo) October 5, 2019

Just Al-Qaeda’s threat inspired Americans to enlist to secure our country, your vicious, self-serving and irresponsible attacks on the media – an institution so foundational to our democracy its protection is in the 1st Amendment – will inspire countless to become journalists.

— B Koplow (@bmkoplow5) October 5, 2019

Thank god forbthe 1st Amendment and a free press to check abuses of power. We would not be the USA without them. Because they check your words and actions, as is their job, you can’t handle the truth.

— Vista Skye (@Vistaskye) October 5, 2019

Sane adults know which news sources are reliable. The Times and the Post adhere to the highest professional standards. You, in the other hand, lie without ceasing.

— Mary Thomas Watts (@mtwatts1) October 5, 2019

Although the replies were overwhelmingly negative, some users relished the president’s attack on the media and encouraged him.

The media is supposed to be unbiased and factual. But from a liberal or conservative perspective, a person sees life through a different lens. The media needs to hire people with diversity of political affiliation. When they write, they need to post their political party.

— Zelda London Oghigian (@realZeldaLondon) October 5, 2019

The Democrats in the House of Representatives have commenced impeachment probe of Mr Trump for the call, which they saw as unethical and damaging to American interest. The president, a Republican, has dismissed the probe as a distraction from a ‘do-nothing’ Democratic caucus, saying it would fail either in the House or by the time it gets to the Republican-majority Senate.


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